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Girls in the Morning

Waking up is always an adventure in our house. We never know quite how it's going to go. This morning was a good morning. The girls were adorable and pretty freaking hilarious, too.

Buffy woke up at 7 with Andrew's alarm. This is very good compared to the 6:20 she's been trying to push since the days have been getting longer. Buffy woke up, sat up in bed and started chatting to herself, "Yes. Buffy up. Yes. Pee-poo. Pee-poo in tata. Ooh! Up!"

Then she slid off the bed and started running laps around the bed. She started by my pillow and then panted around the bed to Andrew's side. Then she'd stop, silent, then run around to my side. For several minutes all we could hear was pant, pant, pant, pant, pause. Pant, pant, pant, pant, pause. Then she said, "Ooh! Katie!" and went into Katie's room, slamming the door open and exclaiming, "Heyyo, Katie!"

Katie said sleepily, but happily, "Hello, Buffy."

I can picture Buffy grabbing Katie's hand as she said, "Katie, come on. Come on, Katie!"

Then both girls ran around the bed. Pant, pant, pant, giggle, pant, pant, pause. Katie, who is older and wiser, knew we were still trying to snatch the last bit of sleep we could out of the morning. She said to Buffy, "Come on, Buffy. Come to my room while I get dressed. This way, Buffy!"

We waited for Buffy to follow in the way a puppy follows an... older dog. Buffy started to follow. Pad, pad, pad. She stopped. Buffy stamped her foot and said, "NO! THIS way, Katie!" and ran back to Andrew's side of the bed and climbed over us, and kicked us both in the head until we got up.

Good times.

Ocho de Mayo

I've been a bit under the weather, so I didn't get to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo. I hope everyone had a great day all the same and enjoyed a margarita, Cerveza Pacifico, tamales, or at least some green chile for me. For our part we had family and friends over to eat some quesadillas, pumpkin cheesecake bars, guacamole, salsa, and tostados. It was a simple meal, but we all got fed and the company was great. I was falling asleep from the seventy thousand pound weight sitting on my head thanks to this cold, but I still had a great time. It was far more casual than past years, and I think that's the key to truly enjoying oneself as a hostess. It was fab.

It's weird because I never really celebrated Cinco de Mayo growing up. It just happened every year. Something about knowing everyone back home will be driving past banners and paper decorations makes me feel really homesick. I am so happy and touched that my family and friends here indulge me once or twice a year and eat New Mexican food. They're always complimentary, and it makes it that much easier to live so far from home.

We'll be going home this August for a short visit. These English fiestas can only hold me off for so long. I get so desperate for green chile that we get off the plane, get through security and go eat at Gardunos before picking up our bags. I know that may seem pathetic, but green chile in England comes from Zimbabwe and is called "green chillies". You just know that's not going to work.

So, thanks to everyone who makes these great days possible. Thanks to my mom who sends me chile. Thanks to Andrew who makes all the tortillas like a native. Thanks to my girls who like New Mexican food. And thanks to all my lovely in-laws who are so adventurous and generous. If I didn't have all these wonderful people in my life, I know I couldn't live here on this beautiful island that is my home.

Great Gift

For Katie's birthday she received some truly awesome presents. Today we have been playing with the flower press from one of her best friends. A few weeks ago we went for a walk to find flowers to put in it, and today we took them out. Katie spent hours making cards and pictures with these gorgeous pressed flowers. Then she went outside with Daddy to collect new specimens from our garden. These will become the foundation for a "My Garden" book. I told her if she pastes them into a book and labels them all, she can take it to school and might get a star for her efforts. That was all the motivation she needed. Now we just have to wait a few weeks and see if we can maintain the enthusiasm.

Buffy has had a good morning, too. She found a pen and decorated her arms and legs. She tried to colour on my eyes, but that didn't go over very well. She coloured on my (white!) bedspread instead. Finally we got her to succumb to a nap. She woke up in a great mood, pulled out some of Katie's underpants, put them on and is now playing with sticks and dishwasher soap.

Good times. Good times.

My Little Buttercup

Katie's mind isn't just opening up to science fiction, but she's getting excited by science as well. We give some credit to Nina and her Neurons, but we should probably just credit her own youthful curiosity and enthusiasm. Last night when someone referred to Doctor Who as a "science geek", Katie was thrilled. She likes science, too!

Evidence of Katie's scientific mind at work:

Katie plucks a buttercup and holds it under her chin, "Daddy is my chin yellow?"
Daddy says, "Why, yes, Katie, it is yellow."
Katie says, "Do you know why?"
Daddy knows the old wives' tale about eating lots of butter but knows better than to ruin the ending. So he says, "No, can you tell me?"
Katie smiles and says, "It's because I'm holding a yellow flower under my chin!"

Reflection and refraction, baby! Doctor Who would be proud.

Katie's Doctor Who Synopsis

As dictated by Katie the morning after watching Doctor Who with Daddy. Daddy is very, very proud.

"There was an old man with grey hair and he went into a cupboard and he changed into a monster with a person's face. He chased the Doctor and played peek-a-boo with the Doctor. The Doctor found some chemicals to hurt the monster. Then the Doctor ran away. He got away and the monster didn't get to eat the Doctor. The Doctor and Martha went inside the cupboard to get away from the monster. The monster pushed the red button, and they spun round and round very fast."

Compare with Wikipedia

On her own

A rather disturbing story of a holiday gone wrong.

We have never left Katie on her own, not even for 5 minutes. We have always arranged a baby sitter for the few times we have both been out.

But going out for two hours and failing to make use of the baby sitting facilities which appear to have been available? What on earth were they thinking?

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