Mostly Buffy

Articulate and Polite. Demanding and Stubborn.

Buffy is so... Buffy. Seriously, I've never met anyone like her. Today her Granny marvelled, "Where did you come from?" We argued that Buffy is 25% Granny, but Granny's not sure which part to take credit for. None of us is. She is irrepressible, amazing, cheeky and wild. She is Buffy, hear her roar.

All the qualities that will make Buffy a success in life make her a Challenge (note the caps) to parent. She is a force unto herself. This website is full of the wonder that is Buffy, because we are in constant bewildered awe of her. We are of Katie, too, but we understand her better. Katie has all the qualities we admire in ourselves, but she carries them better. She is funnier, sweeter, prettier, kinder, cleverer than we fancy ourselves. We admire Buffy, but in the way one admires a gilded alien. Gosh, isn't that strange weird thing pretty and cool?

On the weekends Andrew and I trade off lie-ins. He slept in on Saturday, so I got to rest today. Buffy doesn't much care, as long as someone gets her some Tana Bran before seven. This morning I grunted she should shuffle her GroBag over to Daddy's side of the bed to persuade him to get up first. She shuffled noisily to his side of the bed. I was half-asleep and my eyes were closed, so I can only imagine what was going on. I can tell you what I heard.

Buffy: Daaaaddyyy. Get up wif Buffy?

Daddy: Grf.

Buffy: Get-a feet out now, Daddy. Feet out-a bed, Daddy.

Daddy: Mmm-hmm

Buffy: Get-a feet out-a bed. Now! Pwease, Daddy? Pwease! Pwease, Daddy! (pause, then weakly) pwease?

Buffy: (grunting)

Daddy: (mumbling gives way to surprised cry)

I think I know what happened. I think she burrowed under the covers and grabbed his feet with her cold hands. Then I think she pulled them out from under the covers and tried to climb on top of his feet to get them to meet the floor.

Hey, it worked! By the end we were all awake and enchanted by our determined, funny, sweet little baby. It's like when she calls us Sweetheart or Angel. Tonight she tried calling Andrew by his first name, but he didn't like that as much. Where does she get this stuff? How does she know all these thousands of ways to make the hairs on our arms stand on end. How does one tiny little person get to be so funny? So cute. So cheeky. So amazing.

I did manage to drift back off to sleep and enjoy my lie-in. When I woke up it was to the sounds of happy girls enjoying seconds of breakfast and looking forward to a day with the grandparents. The promise of the day has been fulfilled, and now I can't wait to get to bed. Who knows what kind of wake-up call I'm going to get (or how soon it will come!)

Farewell Shu-Shu Ban

This morning Buffy went downstairs on her own and banged about in the kitchen. She opened and closed doors with the enthusiasm she reserves for riding in cars and brushing her teeth. Okay, she never reserves enthusiasm. Buffy enthuses about everything. Banging about in the kitchen is no different. After a few short seconds she burst into tears and banged her way up the stairs wailing about something. I was sure she'd slammed her fingers in a door, but I was wrong.

Katie explained Buffy wanted the box of Sultana Bran, but Katie had wisely told her to let a parent open it. Buffy couldn't contain herself for all the injustice. When she saw me she moaned and wailed until Katie finished explaining and I assured them I would be happy to open the box for them. Then the sun came out and Buffy started singing a song about Tana Bran.

That hit me like a ton of bricks. Tana Bran? Tana Bran??! What happened to the Shu-Shu Ban we've known and loved for the last year? Rebuffing all of Katie's best efforts to teach proper pronunciation, Buffy has doggedly asserted her right to say Shu-Shu Ban. Even as other babyish pronunciations have dropped to the wayside, Shu-Shu Ban has persisted. I'm as sad as the day Katie dropped, "All Und" for "all done".

Buffy isn't one to hang onto an emotion for long and she's trying to cheer me up. She just invented a song that goes, "Trip Trap over the Rye! Trip trap, trip trap, trip trap over the Rye!" Even I can't stay somber in the face of such enthusiasm.

Paint it black

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

Buffy may well come to rue yesterday's antics as her own personal dies horribilis. We don't intend to ever let her forget it.

Yesterday Regan was making herself a cup of tea. She sat down to check her e-mail and rest her feet for a couple of minutes. But what was that sound? Uh oh... silence. Rather like the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Buffy being quiet is a serious cause for concern.

Our Elizabeth had rooted down to the bottom of the art box and had extracted a washing-up liquid style bottle of black paint from it. She had taken it into the living room, where she had managed to get it open, and then squirt substantially all of the contents over our beloved coffee table. She then stuck her hands into the mess and proceeded to transfer black paint onto most of the surfaces in the living room - her dress, her scooter, the (once) beige carpet, the beige rug...

Fortunately the paint is water-soluble, so Regan was able to clean most of it up after banishing Buffy to our neighbours at No. 69 for half an hour. She did a superb job of cleaning up too. There's still some darkish spots on the carpet, but it doesn't look like the disaster area it was before.

Best of all - after cleaning up the living room, we closed the door to the hall so we could relax and watch some tv. She'd even nailed the back of the door too!

Pictures HERE.

Fostering Coffee Addiction

I am doing my best to introduce Buffy to a nice, healthy coffee addiction. She's already convinced she likes it. We go almost daily for a Babyccino. It's just froth topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder. Nary a coffee bean in sight. It works much the same way in Buffyland, though. She struts into the coffee shop in the morning after drop-off and orders her Babyccino. We don't usually have to go through the rigamarole of ordering, though, because the coffee lady remembers us. £2.10 for a latte and a Babyccino. And service with a smile. It's enough to make you want to go every day.

Most days it's the same group of ladies at coffee. They are all lovely and dote on Buffy, the only child around. Buffy laps up the attention and spends the time asking to be passed from lady to lady. She likes Mary best of all and asks to see Mary between visits to other ladies. Invariably someone will get up and buy Buffy another Babyccino. One day she had three, and now she regularly demands two. She always remembers to say please and thank you, so the ladies don't mind.

This morning, as I was typing up Katie's poem, Buffy was up to no good. I know this because she was out of eyeshot and was awake. Wakefulness and naughtiness go hand-in-hand when you're a Buffy. Before I got up to check on her, she came bounding into the kitchen holding a loyalty card from our coffee spot, "Mommie! Babyccino! Go see Mary!"

I said, "Yes, Buffy, we see Mary when we go to coffee, but not today."

Buffy looked momentarily perplexed and then tried again to convince me, "Coffee, Mommie! Babyccino! Mary! And... Lucy! And... Robin! And... Seema!" She paused thoughtfully, then continued in earnest, "And MOMMIE!"

This was all right in front of Andrew, so now our worst kept secret is out. We go for coffee a shameful number of times a week. I reckon it's about five times a week. The mathematicians among you will calculate that is one for every day. Shameful, I know. What's possibly even worse is I didn't appreciate coffee until my twenties! No such risk for our Buffy.

Buffy at School

It's a good strategy: Bring nursery students in a year early to visit the school. Get 'em hooked before they start considering other schools. Bring the girls in for a fun morning of painting, drawing, mucking about and playing outside with biscuits and milk at the end. It's a great idea for the school. The thing is, it's a great idea for the parents as well. If they'd have a Mothers and Toddlers morning at the school when Katie was pre-nursery, I would have lapped it up and gone back for seconds.

Today was Buffy's Mothers and Toddlers morning. She absolutely loved it. If I'm honest, I loved it too. I got to meet the new Miss Fry who is adorable. Buffy pushed dollies around in mini-buggies, got a Year 3 helper girl to do her bidding, painted a picture, played with clay, drew on a computerized white board, washed her hands (her favourite thing), built things with blocks, made me pretend tea in a toy microwave complete with a bowl of rubber blueberries. She chatted with a few other prospective nursery students and then finished it all off with a carton of milk and two Girabaldi biscuits. As you might well imagine, she fell asleep before we turned the corner to go home.

A mom who did this drill last year said the toughest part will come tomorrow. That's when Buffy realises, or is forced to realise, she can't go to school again. No, that was just a little taster. A tease, if you will. School will come later. Much later. We have two or three more of these little teases. I hope they are as enjoyable as today's was and they increase Buffy's excitement in going to school and don't put her off.

You Are Very Naughty and Rude!

It probably started with something I said to Katie. Then she said it to Buffy. Now Buffy will tell anyone in earshot, "You are very naughty and rude!" It's such an icebreaker.

This morning I helped her take off her Grobag before she had tried it herself. "No, Mommie! You are very naughty and rude!"

Last night Daddy told her it was time to put on her jammies. "No, Daddy! You are very naughty and rude!"

Yesterday afternoon Katie had a friend over to play, and they wanted to play together. "You are very naughty and rude, Katie."

It's a dreadful thing to say. In fact, it's a bit naughty and rude to be telling everyone off all the time. It would be, at least, if she weren't so damned funny!

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