Katie is Nine!

Sunday was Katie's ninth birthday. She celebrated by taking four friends to Mile End Climbing Wall for a climbing party. It was awesome. The girls were beautifully behaved and a real pleasure to have around. It was a great day.

So, what does it mean to have a nine-year-old? I'm still not sure, but my gosh she's a stunner. I really can't get over all that she can do. I think our job as parents is to launch people out into the world. I'm not ready yet, but I think if we had to, Katie would survive. Brilliantly. That is reassuring in some ways, terrifying in others.

Katie has no fixed plan for her life, which I think is sensible at NINE. She has recently been crowned the Under 9 Girls Kent Chess Team Champion. We've got the massive trophy on the shelf to prove it. We can even get her name chiseled into it. It's awesome. She has also completed the Gold level for Ice Dancing. She is going to repeat the level as we can keep her in group lessons (read: cheaper), and she feels she has more to learn. The next step would be private lessons and competitions. Where will we find the time?

At school Katie is as lovely and keen as ever. I have next to me a story she wrote last week (when she was still technically eight). Want to read it? Let's just assume you've said yes.

(Picture of hideous, spidery monster wearing a crown and a massive grin)

"Where am I?" shrieked James. He had just been staring at this strange, old, wooden plank when... there was a chatter from behind him. James tried to swivel roudn to try and catch the voice, but he couldn't: He was stuck. James was bound tightly wiht ropes, but just as he figured that out, the lights went on.

He said: "There in front of me was an alien. She was about twice as big as a human head and seemed twice as clever. Her head was a perfect circle, although her short, but spindly-like body was just plain metal; like a steel toothbrush just without hte bristles. The alien's legs were a sort of silvery-grey colour, but her face was peach. She had no hands, just a huge, toothy grin spreading further and further across her face every second. Her eight legs meant that she could pick up a whole pile of things without struggling." He drew a deep breath.

"Her ears were huge and curvy, but she couldn't hear through them - she spoke through them instead. It was freaky! "Hello," replied the alien. "My name is SpiderBaby. I believe you have something of mine."

Just then, James screamed, "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" And the next thing he knew, there was a blackout.


Cool, huh?


excellent story

That was an excellent birthday story. I'm glad I thought to log on and was thus privileged to read K's narrative. Half a year later, she's probably conquering the world... I must go read the news... 8) K