When our friends the Scotts moved back to America, we inherited their fish. This was only fair, because Katie once tried to kill the fish. Not on purpose, really, but she did pour half a jar of fish food into their tank. This was a bit too much food for fish who are supposed to get 10-12 grains a day. It took the Scotts a long time to clear out all the food. The fish survived, but somehow we have a debt of responsibility to them.

So, we have pets now.

We did pretty well with them, except we lost Star a week or two ago. This was a bummer, because I liked her best. Amadeus is a big bully and Georgia is a bottom feeder (no, really, she is). Today I went to Pets at Home and bought two new female mollies to keep Amadeus company. I chose two of different colours so we could (hopefully) see genetics in action. I chose a white one and a gold one, brought them home and let the girls decide on their names.

Katie chose to name the white one Sparkle, and Buffy has named the gold one Little Star in homage to the Star we lost.

It's hard to feel attached to fish, but I am really pleased to see how the girls and Andrew have taken to these creatures. I hope we even get some science lessons out of it with the arrival of some babies. Should be fun up to the point of explaining why Amadeus ate the fry. (I don't know.. he's a jerk?)