Katie has started attending training days led by the Kent chess team. She's not on the team, but she can go train with them. It was a long day, but she seemed to enjoy it. Andrew signed her up for the first level, but she quickly proved too far along for it, and they bumped her up to the next level. She can now sit a chess exam in November which will bring her a step closer to being eligible to join the team.

Frankly, I'm not sure what all of this means. Chess is Andrew's world, not mine. Maybe I could get into Chess the Musical, but beyond the rudiments of the game, I'm lost. We firmly believe in nurturing our children's gifts and interests, wherever they lead. I fear that a choice is fast approaching - chess or ice skating. Of course she can always do both, but not at a high level. There just aren't enough hours in the weekend.

While ice skating is more my world, I am not sure I want the girls to go very deep into it. The near future seems to be full of expensive outfits and heavy make-up. That doesn't appeal in the slightest. Athleticism? Grace? Confidence? Of course. But they have strange bedfellows in the world of ice skating. No one puts on hairspray and fake tan to go for a run. Or to a chess tournament.

Ultimately this is Katie's decision, and we are very proud that she has so many doors open to her. Right now we will keep going as we are, but our candle is starting to feel a bit short!