Last week we celebrated Diwali at the girls' school. It has become an annual event, and one we absolutely love. The Indian and Sikh families of the school donate clothes and months of their lives so our children can dress up and dance around. The Year 6 children even put on a show. Well, they try to anyway. Sometimes some nameless little girls get up on stage in their pretty borrowed sparkly clothes and spin and dance and have so much fun they won't get off. They won't get off even when three Year 6 girls talk to them. They won't get off even when a further three Year 6 girls try to physically remove them. It wasn't until the audience arrived at the general consensus that her mother really should do something that one little girl finally got off the stage. (Read: was physically removed, potato-sack style.)

Such little girls did not ruin the event, however, and a good time was had by all. We definitely plan* to go again!

*assuming Buffy hasn't been banned