She wants pink and sparkles

This year Katie's best friend is at a new school. They have both managed well and are making new friends. Part of their ease is due to their clever mummies' plan to get them together every week. Actually, credit all goes to the other girl's mummy, because it was her idea and she does all the work. I just go along with it.

The idea is to take all three girls (yep, she takes Buffy as well!) ice skating. Buffy doesn't go yet, but does enjoy quality time with one of her favourite people. Katie goes to a separate beginner's lesson while her friend, a very talented skater, has private lessons. Before these lessons Katie had only been ice skating twice and had progressed to the point I didn't panic when she put on her roller blades.

Following the last lesson, Katie came home showing off a sign-off book. It seems she'd completed all of the requirements for her Level 1 certificate. Cool!

Oh wait, she's also completed all of the requirements for Level 2.

And Level 3.

She is one signature away from her Level 4, too!

Whilst we are immensely proud of Katie, we are presented with a bit of a conundrum. See, when she started, she wanted a pretty skating outfit. I put her off, because I wasn't sure she'd stick with ice skating. I thought it might be a good incentive. Maybe in a year or two. Yes, that sounded good. She could have her pretty, impractical skating outfit once she had completed her...

wait for it...

Level 3!

I guess we're going shopping.

skating dress

Awwww... what a sweet mommy you are, and what a rockstar is Katie!!

My papa bought me a skating dress. One, ever. Which lasted me a year, since I was growing like a weed, right (maybe age 10)? Oh, man, I still remember it. The body was blue (kind of a smurfy blue) with small white squares. It had long sleeves (legless, of course). The skirt was white with blue squares. It was terrific and twirly and I wore it every time we went skating, several times a month.

It was my princess dress. I hope Katie LOVES hers. She will, I know! 8) K