Time to get the girl back to Sunday school

In France I bought Buffy a t-shirt that reads, "I love so much". We think this captures Buffy's essence perfectly. She loves so many things so much!

Tonight I was brushing her teeth and she kept chatting to me through the toothpaste bubbles, "I love you more! I love Daddy and Katie more! And I love my friends. I love my family and my friends MORE!"

I asked, "More than what?"

She replied, "God. More than God. But I love God, too. I love God so much! I really love him."

I said, "Or her."

She asked, "What?"

I said, "Or her. God could be a 'her', we don't really know."

She shook her head vigourously, "NO! God is a he. I know it!"

"How do you know it?"

"Because I have seen him!"

"You've seen God?"

She said, "Yes. I've seen God many times."

"Oh really? What does God look like?"

Big grin. "He's got a really long stinging tail and two big stinging teeth!"

from the mouths of babes

Just.... fascinating. Hm.