It's Blackheath

So, the site of the Climate Change Camp is Blackheath.

This will truly put all their sustainability rhetoric to the test. They had better clean up every single last piece of litter behind them, or they will be exposed as a bunch of middle-class, pampered, spoiled jumped-up hypocritical brats.

I hereby pledge that if they don't clean up behind themselves to my satisfaction, I shall drown a panda in toxic waste to teach them all a lesson.

That said, I'm also mindful of the awful violence at yesterday's football match between West Ham and Millwall. It's vital that we find a way to neutralise the tensions between these teams' supporters and reconcile their differences.

I propose that we achieve this by finding them a common enemy, against which all supporters can unite. And what do football fans hate more than other teams' football fans?

That's right - hippies. So let's get all the fans down to Blackheath so they can k--k the s--t out of some climate change protesters.

In the name of peace, naturally.

toxic waste

So you have some toxic waste lying around, do you? Poor panda. Cuz my money's on the toxic waste, unfortunately. But I could be wrong! I could be! (Scott has some methyl ketone in the garage, no idea why, but it's BAD and would bring a quick death to your poor bamboo muncher.)

Thanks for the posts. Helps to know (as dispiriting as it may be) that Americans aren't the only ones fabricating the not-birthplace of our commander in chief. 8) K