God, sometimes I hate my country

Actress Michelle Williams was in the news today because she is being "disowned" by her former Christian school for her role in Brokeback Mountain. Her school feels that playing the role of a long-suffering wife to a repressed homosexual doesn't uphold the values they teach. Nevermind that she's unmarried and pregnant. Nevermind that she played a promiscuous party girl on Dawson's Creek. I am not a huge Michelle Williams fan, so I don't know if she played in a film where murder or adultery were featured, but I'm guessing she did at some point.

To this I say HUH?!

Since when and WHY is homosexuality Sin #1 in this country? ("this country" refers to the USA for this entry.) It's not even one of the Ten Commandments. It's mentioned way down in Leviticus right next to not wearing garments woven from two different kinds of cloth (Leviticus 19:19). Why is it considered worse than murder, adultery, and taking the Lord's name in vain - which people do a thousand times a day without thinking twice? God sure as hell knows I do.

It really chaps my hide whenever people try to use the Bible to justify hate. Um, someone isn't getting the point. Love, kindness, tolerance, turning other cheeks, etc - that's why Christianity is a religion. No millions of followers are going to get enlightened by a bunch of hateful dogma. All the world's major religions are founded on the old Bill and Ted principle of being excellent to one another. That's why people follow. We like the idealism, not the hate. Fundamentalism sucks, regardless of its religion de plume.

I am sick to my eye teeth of people bandying around "Christian" like it's some exclusive club. It reminds me of how people used to say, "That's mighty white of you." Stop spreading hate and dissent in my name. (The Christian bit, not the white bit. My skin is decidedly brown.)

Well, to sum up and reassure any fundamentalists out there, I am not going to go see Brokeback Mountain anytime soon. I don't get to movie theatres often, but that's not the real reason. I have it on good authority that not only is Heath Ledger's flannel shirt a cotton/poly blend but Jake Gyllenhaal's jeans are woven with Lycra to make them stretchy! There is NO way I am going to support that kind of cloth mixing hedonism.