Bored Now

There's a great episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where everything flips to what would have happened had Buffy moved to Cleveland instead of Sunnydale. Naturally, without her super-slaying, the vampires and various baddies flourish. In doing so, they managed to kill/convert Willow and Xander. It's Alyson Hannigan's first bad-girl role, and she plays it with relish. Hanigan plays it so perfectly, I'm shocked she hasn't had more naughty girl roles. No, I don't mean talking about flutes and band camp. I mean bitchy roles. In the episode someone begs for mercy, Willow toys with them then says witheringly, "Bored now."

That line keeps going through my head. Katie's adventure is Big News, and everyone wants to talk about it. They are talking about it all the time. Seriously, Swine Flu has officially hit the school, and still they're all buzzing about les aventurieres. I mean no hypocrisy. If it hadn't been my girl, I'd be talking about it too. That's probably the most galling thing. The judgement I would have issued on the girl's parents, "Obviously it's all because mum isn't around any more", "They always were too strict/lax", whatever. It's all hideous.

It's hideous the girls ran. It's horrible they were gone so long. It's horrendous the school is both exaggerating (wall is only 5ft high, not 7) and underplaying (very minimal punishment) the incident. What's worse is everyone and everything else. I wish it would all just end. I'm so bored now. Thing is, I've been through enough of these in my life to know that at graduation, there will be some snappy reference to the girl who ran. So bored now.

so bored, no kidding!

Do these people have no adventures in their lives? Maybe it's the segregation thing... they have no boys and so they don't know that a wee outing is NOTHING. No fireworks, flooded toilets, blood, stolen property. That's it: the lack of boys. I've made the call, it's etched in stone.

Sort of reminds me of people talking about the 'terrible twos.' (cringe) You and I have discussed this ad nauseum, but I have to reiterate... if you think this is bad, wait until you see 10 and 15 and (argggghhh...) 25!! (My poor mother is still reeling from my 25... she talks fondly of everything prior.)

Okay, I'll shut up now, as I do realize this is your blog. 8) Love, K