Oh Yes She Did

A letter all parents at our school received this evening:

Dear parents,

As you may have heard, two Year 2 girls decided to have an adventure yesterday and go out of school on their own. At afternoon registration their absence was noted, a search instigated and the police informed. The police found them and returned them safely to school. we take the safety of all the girls very seriously but did not anticipate that two small girls would scale a seven foot fence. All the girls from Year 2 and up have had a talk with their teacher today about the incident. We are all relieved that this incident was resolved happily.

Yours sincerely,

The Head Teacher

the culprit...

I was so sure it had been Buffy! I have no idea what "Year 2" means, so I was in suspense until I saw the subsection blog heading. Go figure. Lost in translation and in preconception. (I wasn't sure because I sort of went on a similar adventure when I was 1 1/2, so anything is possible.) Glad all's well that ends mostly well. 8) K