Gainfully Employed!

Apparently this teaching lark is going to happen. I have two more weeks at my current placement, then I race like mad to complete my profile to prove I've met all of my requirements. Then... nothing. Holiday. Summer.

After summer I will start work at a lovely school in Plumstead. I know very little about Plumstead, but I do have an anecdote. When Buffy was very little I took her on the train to Bluewater shopping mall. On the way back she was enthralled by the computerised announcements on the train, "The next station is Abbey Wood. Please mind the gap." Each announcement only got more excited. We passed through Plumstead and the annoucement came on as usual, "The next station is Plumstead. Please mind the gap."

By then Buffy was in a frenzy. She clapped and cheered so loudly that the whole carriage heard her and laughed, "YAY, PLUMSTEAD!!!" I think it was probably the only time that statement has ever met with that reaction. No one really cheers Plumstead.

So that's where I'm off to in September. Cheery Plumstead. I am really going to be a teacher! I get my own batch of students, my own classroom to decorate, my own desk, my own walls. It's going to be awesome! So, yeah. Yay, Plumstead!

Those who can

And another myth bites the dust. It's so good for the universe when highly qualified people - you, Kate, Victoria F, and so many others - decide to use their talents for the highest good. Those who can ... TEACH!

Yay for employment!

Aww... a completely unsolicited compliment. Thank you. That makes my day. But that's beside the point.

CONGRATS, REGAN! What a good feeling, to be gainfully employed and wanted and set for fall, eh? Bon courage!! K