Happy Birthday to Youuuu!

Today we all trooped across the street to help a new, young neighbour's celebrate her third birthday. I am very pleased with our new neighbours, both teachers, and their warm, welcoming attitude to the rest of the neighbourhood. Exactly the sort of neighbours we'd pick, if we could. They come in recently to a home long occupied by a much-loved pillar of the community, Aggie. Aggie was among the first couples to move to the street and had her original parchment deed in a bank vault. She was the first person I met on our street, and it was a very sad time for everyone when she passed away.

The new neighbours never met Aggie, but they are pleased to know how happy she'd be that a friendly young family was now in the house. Unfortunately, Buffy is feeling out of sorts and didn't stay long enough to sing happy birthday to her new friend. Now tucked up in bed, we can laugh at a time she did sing happy birthday to a resident of that house. That time was very unfortunate indeed.

Dear old Aggie outlived her beloved husband and was too settled in Greenwich to move back to her sisters in Ireland. She lived on in that old house with her grown son and her lovely mutt, Bella. She died about two years ago, had a heart attack in the middle of the night. We neighbours who loved her hope she died in her sleep.

The funeral was absolutely packed with people from the neighbourhood. The Irish priest had married Aggie and her husband and counted them as close friends. He was very sad. Everyone gathered cried for Aggie. Well, almost everyone. One, very happy little girl chirruped over the sniffs. Buffy was not quite two years old. Cheerful, funny little Buffy. The congregation sang a hymn. Buffy hummed along. The music stopped. Buffy sang on, "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!" I think Andrew had her out of the church before she got much further, but somehow I don't think Aggie would have minded too much.