Mice Beware!

Sitting at the breakfast table, I saw a flash of something move out of the corner of my eye. Experience has taught me these flashes are usually mouse-related. They're probably all mouse-related, but my eye is not always quick enough. This morning it was. I saw a little mousey behind and tail scampering up the steps to the front door. I followed it to the front door, a little unclear on what exactly I would do with it. My brain caught up with my body and I went back to the kitchen to get... what? A carving knife? A rolling pin? Which cartoon stereotype was going to help me now? I went with rolling pin.

The mouse was still in the hallway, hiding between my shoes. It then ran to the door and tried to get out! Ooh. Now this was a plan I could sign on to. But how to get the door open? As I deliberated the mouse made a mad dash to get past me. I raised my rolling pin and took a mighty swing at it and flicked it several feet back towards the door. Woohoo!

By now I was absolutely buzzing with adrenaline, but I had no idea how I was going to get the door open. I had locked the girls in the kitchen, but I realised they were my only hope. I unlocked the door keeping a beady eye on the space between my shoes that occasionally flickered with mouseyness. I told Katie to come and I needed her to be at her bravest. She was not happy with her job of walking past the mouse to open the door, but we had no time to think. She paused then I told her she had to do it. It was the only way. Surely she didn't want to be on mouse-batting duty at the back? She agreed and bravely stepped towards the door. She unlocked it and walked calmly back to me. I was so proud! I was sure this would work.

We waited for the mouse to go to the door again. Surely he figured it was a trick. I kept talking to it. I think I had a running commentary throughout the incident, but I only became aware of it in the last seconds. We waited and waited for what was probably only five seconds. Then the little mousey sniffed at the door, squeezed through the smallest possible part - giant wide open door or narrow bit where the hinges are? - and ran free!

I am SO PROUD of Katie. She did it! She did it! My just-turned-seven-year-old beat the mouse! She did it! She did it! She did it!

nice mice

Man, oh man... that was a nice story with a happy ending. I was anxious you were going to *cringe* splat the mouse. Nice work, now I hope he doesn't come back in. Bleh. My condolences. K