I just came downstairs to see the girls chatting aimiably at the table over toast that Katie made for them both. She got the bread and remembered to close the fridge door. She toasted the bread and was careful not to burn it. She got Marmite for Buffy, honey for herself, and put the jars away. In short, there was nothing left for me to do. Brilliant!

What were they chatting about? Maths. There's this gameshow we all like called Get 100, where the goal is to get all of your numerical answers to add up to 100 before anyone else. We play it on the long walk to school most everyday. When I came downstairs, I found Katie quizzing Buffy about ducks. Buffy likes duck questions.

Katie asked, "Buffy, if there are three ducks in the pond, and one more flies in, how many ducks are there?"

Buffy counted on Katie's fingers and said, "Four!"

Then Katie said, "What about if there are two ducks in the pond and two more ducks fly in?"

Buffy shouted, "Four!" She continued, "Two plus two is four! And two plus two plus two plus two is eight!"

That's my girl! (Actually, that's Andrew's girl, but I'm glad they're mine, too.)

holy shmolies

It's days like that when Scott and I say, in a parody of his coworker who really did do this: "Let's sign her up for the Rick's gifted program where tuition is the same as our mortgage and complain about it every day!!" 8) K