Paper, paper everywhere

I'm knee-deep in metaphorical paper. I'm writing a 5,000-worder on effective transition of foreign language teaching from primary to secondary school. Fun, right? I'm almost ready to give it to my Big Picture Guy (Andrew). Once it's a whole paper, he'll read it and tell me where I need to tighten, what I've missed and where I've completely missed the point. Then I go back to my Detail Lady (Gramma), who will give me brilliant tips on grammatical structure and vocabulary. The woman has a thesaurus for a brain. So awesome.

I write, I delete, I write some more. I am hovering right around the requisite 5,000 words, but still I'm not done. I have exactly one week from today to turn this in. That would be hard enough if it weren't for the other two big projects I have to either hand in or have a meeting about next week. It is so hard to be a good parent and a good student. Something's gotta give.

My solution has been playdates with friends, sometimes with the TV or computer. They've been trusty babysitters. The funny thing about friend playdates is that I always think they'll be more work, and they're always less. I wish I could remember one of these key lessons of parenting. It's like a lesson for life: Let people in. Bring them in and let them make your life easier.

Hm, wonder if I can work that into my paper...