See Woo-Hoo!

Today both Buffy and I has school trips. I went to a mosque, which was illuminating. Buffy went to a Chinese grocery store she calls See Woo-hoo. The sign says simply, "See Woo", but clearly they're missing a trick. See Woo-hoo is much more joyful.

It sounds like Buffy had a good trip, but I am not sure that her teacher did. I asked if she had a good time and she rambled on a bit about a lobster and a fish. By dinnertime the story had progressed to her falling in the tank and grappling with the fish who ultimately won the battle and ate Buffy. More interesting to her parents was Buffy's story that her original grown-up team leader kept telling her, "I keep losing you!" Um, what? This does not calm my nervous mother heart. Losing my daughter?

Naturally, I blamed Buffy. "Did you run off?!"

Calmly, and a bit smugly, Buffy reassured us, "No, I didn't run off."


"I walked."

4-year-old commentary

I read your story to Jana, and she grinned. "Is Buffy kind of rascally?" I queried. "She's three," answered Jana.