So Much Good

Today was our first day of half-term. Lovely day. The girls and I spent the better part of the morning making lunch. We rolled out puff pastry dough then set up an assembly line to paint on milk, add sauce, onions, sweet corn, mozzarella and grilled peppers. Then we baked, cooled, and enjoyed. Lovely.

After lunch Katie had just enough time to dash upstairs, wash her face and mouth, and change into her matching best friends outfit for a playdate. She and her three best friends went to a giant soft play area for several hours. While she ran around with her friends, Buffy and I opted for naps.

At least I did. Buffy was quiet for an hour and a half, but based on her performance this evening, I'm not sure she actually slept. I certainly did, and I guess rested Mommie is half the battle won. At least I could handle what she threw at me this evening.

Actually, it wasn't all that bad, just a nightmarish ten minutes.

We were eating dinner. A rather impromptu affair built around Buffy's desire to have cheesy scones and my desire to do nothing at all. Then a call from Katie's chaperon that she tearfully refused to go to McDonald's, so she was coming home hungry. So I upped dinner to include cookies and milk for dessert. If Katie wasn't going to have junk food out, she could have it in.

Dinner was admittedly light, but I figured the dessert would fill the hole. Buffy wasn't keen on waiting, though. While I pulled the cookies from the oven, Andrew tried to engage our tired and still a little hungry girls in some familial conversation. Something along the lines of, "How was your day?" Buffy was not interested in discussing anything other than the new shoes she was just given. She wouldn't take them off... of the table. Andrew reminded her this was not the sort of thing one does. The same reminder we give her a few hundred times a week.

Really not wanting to take her shoes out of public view (admittedly very pretty shoes), Buffy kicked them up in the air. Andrew calmly got her to stop and I put the cookies onto plates. Still too hot to eat. Katie asked Andrew a question, and he tried to answer, but Buffy interrupted. He shot her a warning look, but she persisted. This resulted in a time out. Harsh? Not hardly, since we've been trying to get her to stop talking over us all the time. More than a couple hundred warnings a week.

The second Andrew turned his back Buffy started shouting at the top of her lungs, "SHUT UP, DADDY! SHUT UP!!" Andrew wanted to go straight back to her, but I convinced him to ignore it for the moment. By now the cookies were just about ready to eat, so I served them with a big smile to Katie. I plated up Buffy's cookies and served some more to Andrew.

Buffy had calmed down, so I looked back to see how she was doing. Well, not well. She was eating something off the floor. I made her spit it out and it was a tiny plastic bead. Not happy. Bead went straight to the trash. I told her she'd lost one of her two cookies. I looked back and she was eating something else off the floor!! I got it out of her mouth and this was a pencil shaving. Disgusting! I told her she'd now lost both cookies, but she could still have the milk.

She came out of time out and sobbed her way into the kitchen. She worked herself up into a lip-quivering, gasping, shuddering and hiccoughing fervour. Then she started shouting imploringly at us, "I'LL BE GOOD! I'LL BE GOOD DADDY! I'LL BE SO MUCH GOOD! I'LL BE SO MUCH GOOD!"

Bless her. She got over it a minute later and really enjoyed her milk. She fell asleep very quickly. I really wonder if she did have a nap today. Looking forward to tomorrow's version of So Much Good.

two girls...

Hi, Regan.
I suppose that having two girls could be viewed in a negative light; but the way I see it, having two, I always have at least one cheery, helpful daughter. 8) K