The Downside of a Great Imagination

Tonight Buffy's bedtime stories were "Counting Nursery Rhymes" and "Peter Rabbit". The nursery rhymes were all recognisable songs, so we sang a few of them. Very cute. Then we settled down to read "Peter Rabbit". We were only a few pages in before Buffy picked up on the currant buns old Mrs. Rabbit had bought at the baker's shop and was off on another song. As it was still early, and she was being adorable, I indulged yet another song. We sang "Five Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop" and everyone had to put a pretend penny in Buffy's hand and then take, and enjoy the currant bun.

When the song ended Buffy counted her pretend pennies and then magicked them into chocolate coins. A slightly wicked spirit overtook her giraffe* and he gobbled them all up. I admit to playing a part in this as he was attached to my hand at the time. Buffy burst into floods of tears. Heavy tears fell down her cheeks onto Peter Rabbit. She was devastated.

What else could I do?

I laughed.

Katie had a better idea and said, "I've got TEN chocolate coins for you, Buffy!" Tears stopped automatically and the sun spread across Buffy's face again. She picked up five of the chocolate coins, carefully unwrapped them and slowly savoured them. She was so convincing I wiped her mouth when she was done.

*giraffe's name is Baby Jesus. This leads to no end of hilarity. "I didn't want Baby Jesus to eat all of my chocolate coins!"