The Saga of the Fourth Mouse

When I was in France my family all pitched in to pick up my slack. Best of all was my mom flying over from America. I know. She's amazing. As if taking care of the children, the house, the cooking, the cleaning and everything I normally just about manage to do, she decided to complete some projects as well. She bought us a whole new bathroom suite and had it installed, finding us three very reliable workmen in the process. Was that enough for Super Gramma? It was not! She also discovered we had mice (again? still?) and set about tackling that.

Gramma checked through her now established reliable contacts and found the best traps and the best bait. The mice were very interested in a bag of birdseed, so she rather cleverly decided to leave that there. Both Andrew and I would have reacted by dumping the birdseed first off. Gramma thought it through, however, and realised the birdseed gave the mice, and subsequently the traps, a focal point.

They caught the first mouse almost right away. The first mouse had a saga of its own. It managed to only catch its tail end in the trap and spent the rest of the night trying to crawl around the kitchen. In doing so it crawled through a tight space and got itself on one side and the trap on the other. Such fun for Andrew and my mom. I'm almost sorry I missed it. Almost.

Mouse one-point-two gave Gramma the slip.

Mouse two was more straightforward. Andrew caught it and bagged it thrice, so it wouldn't get away.

Mouse three caught its head and lay sprawled upside-down in the trap. Very dead.

Mouse four was this morning. Andrew came down first thing to check the traps, hoping one would have worked. He was wrong. THREE worked. The silly, sad little mouse had managed to catch its head in one, its tail in another and his body in a third. I can only imagine how that came about. Whether the head was first and then some flailing ensued, or tail first and then suicidal tendencies occurred to the little guy. Andrew thinks he caught his tail and thought, "Well, damn. I'm caught. Still feeling a bit peckish though, I'll just move over here and... Oops!"


Welcome home! 8) K