Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is Andrew's birthday, one that means 40 is on the horizon and refuses to be ignored. There is no turning back now. My husband had the good fortune to be born a man (I consider this MY good fortune as well), which means he is only getting better with age. In many ways he looks exactly like that very young man all in black who strode off a transatlantic flight to meet me. That's right, MEET me. He was so adorable and irresistible, what was a girl to do? Have his babies, clearly.

I don't know how it works, but our lives really do get better every year. I won't hold my breath for this year as I fall into the deep abyss of post-grad studies, but so far so wonderful. I wouldn't even bat an eyelid of consideration of going for my teaching certification if Andrew weren't the husband and father he is. Haven't made dinner? No problem. Can't bear the children for a second longer? Give them to me. Don't like slugs in the garden? I got 'em. The slug thing is a biggie. I really don't like slugs. I can only ask God why. Why, God? Why slugs?

Whatever, I'm sure God has a reason for slugs even if it's beyond me. I don't care, because I've got my dream family and dream life. Whether that's down to God, good choices, or just an unbelievably fantastic husband, I don't know. I just know it's good.

In the immortal words of our three-year-old, "Happy Birthday, Honey!"