Bridget and Co competition!

My all-time favourite children's clothing designer is having a competition to win one of her gorgeous originals. You can win just by posting a comment on her blog. An original, custom-sized Bridget and Co dress can sell for megabucks when a bidding war gets going on Ebay. Recently she has been listing on Etsy, as well. My girls have several outfits, mostly bought secondhand, because that's all we can afford. But the secondhand stuff? Still high quality!

Debbie is the designer behind the label, and she has the most amazing sense of style. Gorgeous little girl dresses that are stunning, always get compliments, and are 100% age-appropriate. To check out the competition, click here. Also check out Buffy and Katie and Katie with Idina Menzel, star of Wicked, and one last Katie.

I hope one of us wins!