I don't quite know how to say this, so I'll just have to bluster through: We cut Katie's hair. She has been asking for a haircut for ages, going as far as cutting her own hair (and asking a friend to cut it for her). After a year or so, we started thinking she might be serious. Still, I tried to distract her. Surely she didn't really mean she wanted long hair.

Something about the last few weeks has been convincing me, though. I started looking up Locks of Love, to see if there were any UK chapters. There weren't, but I did find the Little Princess Trust, which operates the same way - donated hair is woven into wigs for children who have lost their hair. They wanted ten inches, which was about how much Katie was begging to cut off. It seemed we had a deal.

The only sticking point was me.

I told her I'd cut her hair today. After two hours of inventing excuses, it was obvious the cutting was going to happen. All last week, she'd brush her curly locks over her shoulder and say gleefully, "This is the bit that will be gone!" Breaking my heart a little every time.

I am so sad her hair is gone. I am not sorry we did it. You can see from her smile it was the right decision. She's ecstatic. I'm just sad for the little girl with the glittering, downy cascades. She may never grow her hair that long again. Buffy seems to really like and suit short hair, so she may never have hair that long. I should just grow my own hair super long, if I'm so attached to it, but I don't really want to. I guess that's it, then. All that's left to do is to lift a glass or two in memory of Katie's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful carpet of hair.