Middle Class Woes

Yesterday was an extravaganza. Katie's class went to see The Tempest. It was, in fact, The Tempest: The Musical!!! with jazz hands. HIL-ARIOUS! My favourite part was when Caliban did a step-ball-change with Stephano and Trinculo in drag. Good fun. Andrew asked if the play was good. Ah, no. It was not good, but it was good fun.

The truly best part of the whole play was watching our girls behave so beautifully and adorably. About halfway through the play a jaunty duet between Sebastian and Antonio got the girls clapping along. The full theatre soon joined them in clapping along to the song. The audience full of school groups then clapped along to every subsequent song. Including the lovers' ballad. All the grown-ups in attendance were crying with laughter. Such good fun!

On the way back from the play, we had to find our way from Dartford back to Blackheath. It shouldn't have been difficult, but Dartford station did not have good signage explaining which platform served which route. You should have heard us, though. "Oh dear! Which way to London? How do we get back to London?" I teased everyone - including myself - mercilessly on the way back in my poshest English accent. "Oh heavens! We simply must get back to Blackheath! I don't even know where we are! I mean, I think we're frightfully near Bluewater, but I couldn't possibly be expected to find it from here. I've never been down here without my driver!"

Poor middle class women, so very far from home all in the name of some musical Shakespeare.

Just Two Normal Days

Just two days worth of Buffy funnies. I'm sure we're forgetting some.

Yesterday, I asked her to look up so I could fix the part in her hair. She moaned, "This is hurting my breasts!"

This afternoon at school pick-up an older, chubby girl said hello. Buffy patted the girl's tummy lovingly and said, "I know you've got a baby in your tummy!"

Yes, I wanted the earth to swallow me whole. I am still hoping the girl was young enough (10ish) to not be offended.

Then tonight - and Andrew and I are divided on the hilarity factor of this - Buffy fell down the stairs. The long ones. All of them. Seriously, what is it with our girls and falling down stairs?? Everyone I know thinks I'm a total nervous nelly around staircases, but I have good reason. My girls have yet to meet one they have not tumbled at least part way down. Rubbish stair steppers, they are.

Buffy was very brave and tearfully explained what happened, "I was going up the stairs to put this (t-shirt) in the laundry and I was walking up the stairs and then IT JUST HAPPENED!" Cue wailing and many more tears. Poor baby. She has a great big egg on her forehead and feels very sorry for herself. She tried to convince us that she needed to be fed her dinner on account of her injuries, but we weren't as convinced. We were right and she did manage a taco.

Now she's much better, totally recovered, and resting well (I hope). I only have to wrestle with my conscience whether we should wake her every hour in case of concussion. Why do there have to be so many stairs in England?


In this week's school newsletter:

On Monday 25th February, 2JD and 2CS went to the
Globe Theatre.

We learnt that people went to The Globe to watch a show
and that they had to cross the River Thames by boat to
get there.

Later on, we saw the Queen’s dress and what Shakespeare
wore in those times. Also, we saw lots of instruments
in a glass case and some of the group got to touch
a suit of armour; one person even got to hold a sword!

Katie Gambier, 2JD

See Woo-Hoo!

Today both Buffy and I has school trips. I went to a mosque, which was illuminating. Buffy went to a Chinese grocery store she calls See Woo-hoo. The sign says simply, "See Woo", but clearly they're missing a trick. See Woo-hoo is much more joyful.

It sounds like Buffy had a good trip, but I am not sure that her teacher did. I asked if she had a good time and she rambled on a bit about a lobster and a fish. By dinnertime the story had progressed to her falling in the tank and grappling with the fish who ultimately won the battle and ate Buffy. More interesting to her parents was Buffy's story that her original grown-up team leader kept telling her, "I keep losing you!" Um, what? This does not calm my nervous mother heart. Losing my daughter?

Naturally, I blamed Buffy. "Did you run off?!"

Calmly, and a bit smugly, Buffy reassured us, "No, I didn't run off."


"I walked."

Buffy's Daily Affirmations

Buffy, our little ray of sunshine, keeps coming up with the most joyful, life-affirming affirmations I've ever heard. I thought I might start sharing them here. This one came last night in an impromptu lullaby she was singing to an imaginary baby Andrew:

You are the love and joy for yourself.

Overheard in London

Today on the 177 to New Cross:

Mum: You just need to get your act together

Teenaged Son: Why you always raggin' me? You rag on me more than anyone, and I'm always honest with you.

Mum: No, you are not.

Teenaged Son: I am always honest! Eventually!