Level 10!

Today Katie passed the Level 9 test for ice skating. There are only ten levels in the UK Learn to Skate programme. When she passes Level 10, she moves on to a bronze, silver and gold award. From that point on, she'd be in the bigger, competitive leagues. That's all a long way off, but the point is she's done all of this since September. She's amazing!

"Happy Sunday! Happy Sunday! Happy Sunday!"

Just found a card Buffy made to bring to Sunday School. I guess she forgot to bring it. I guess it's still good for next week.

"dear Chrch I am relly Sorry that on mothers day we codnt come on sunday we stuggled t go out of the door in time and we codnt I am very sory Love from Buffy Katie aNdreW and ragn.

"Here are some patuns (squiggle with numbers on it)

"Itsa snake and a dog"

Vote for my little brother to be Albuquerque's new Face of Fox!

Techno Viking the way God intended him to be

That is, dancing along to The Wooden Shjips' Shrinking Moon for You:

Katie's skating at Somerset House

Two short mobile phone videos of Katie skating at Somerset House last weekend. I think it's pretty obvious which one is Katie!

They're very short and more than a little bit rubbish. But doesn't she look good?

Isobel's birthday

"So, Daddy, it's like Isobel's birthday, which is the twenty-oneth of December."

"The twenty-first of December, Buffy?"

(big sigh)

"No, Daddy. The. Twenty. Oneth. Of. December."

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